10 bizarre theme parks in the world

The thought of theme parks are Disneyland, universal Studios Hollywood and other theme parks. Roller coaster, popcorn and cotton candy — some of the main attributes of any Park. And for those who are tired of all the usual rides, animators in costumes, gift shops, and other attributes, open the 10 of the strangest theme parks.

10. The village of memory, Haiti

Americans Ron and Carla Bluntschli, who lives in Haiti for more than 20 years, wanted to build a Park dedicated to the development of this island. Visitors would be able to know what it feels like to be a slave, the animators even played the scene of abduction of the guests and converting them into slavery. The pair began raising funds, but construction never started. Ron has created a virtual tour of the future Park.

9. Diggerland, NJ, USA

This Park is a real Paradise for those who long dreamed of heavy equipment. Here you will be able to ride on the tractor, the excavator and the bulldozer. You can sit behind the wheel of a dump truck or earth-moving machine, especially a driver’s license are not required here. Children and adults enjoy playing builders. The entrance ticket for a day is a little less than $ 30.

8. The Bay of cricosaura, Australia

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to swim with crocodiles? You have the chance to get this experience. Bay krakosabrokovich in Australia, in a glass capsule can be lowered into a pool full of alligators. Sank under the water, you will see how crocodiles are fed. Nail dangerous attraction is saltwater crocodile Burt, whose length is 5.1 m. as soon As the man in the glass capsule is lowered into the water, Burt gets closer and tries to grab him served “lunch”. I wonder what crocodile Burt starred in the famous movie Crocodile Dundee.

7. Isgyvenino Drama, Lithuania

If you love history and want to feel Soviet Russia, then go to Lithuania. Descending into the bunker, just over $ 200 you will be interrogating a KGB agent, you give away your property, and learn the Soviet anthem, and learn how to wear a gas mask

6. Holland village, Michigan, USA

For some, this Park is a reminder of their roots and for others the opportunity to get acquainted with the Netherlands. Visitors can see the Netherlands 100 years ago, and the animators of the Park dressed in traditional costumes and even wear special wooden shoes. Children can walk a goat, ride the hill in the form of a Shoe or take a ride on the Ferris wheel, which looks like a huge mill. And their parents can see what it’s like to be accused of witchcraft.

5. Park Holy land, Florida

Florida is famous for its parks entertainment, but the most original of them is the Park “the Holy land”: here are the presentation on biblical themes, as well as exhibits. Most often in the Park presentations of the crucifixion of Christ. Just imagine: a bloodied Jesus passes twice through the Park before waiting for his crucifixion in front of astonished spectators. The entrance ticket costs 50 dollars.

4. Angry Birds Activity Park, Finland

In Europe one after the other open up theme parks dedicated to the game Angry Birds. The world’s first themed Angry Birds Land opened on June 8, 2012 in Park Sarkanniemi, located in the Finnish city of tempere. The Park has 12 rides and attractions, among which are the lighthouse and the Journey of menacing birds. In addition, in children there is an obstacle course, slides, tunnels and puzzle games.

3. Park, Shijingshan, China

This Park was built in the image and likeness of Disneyland. Here you will see a lot of animators in costumes of popular American characters: bugs Bunny, Shrek, Batman, and many others. Part of the Park is decorated with decorations in the style of “Jurassic Park”. It is worth noting that, Shijingshan opened in 1986. In 2007, the Disney company recalled their copyright and many of the disney characters disappeared from Sittensen.

2. Amor, London, UK

London is associated with Elizabeth II, big Ben, the rock stars, but not with the sex industry. Park Amor is not like most theme parks. Visitors to this Park will be surprised and shocked, because this theme Park is dedicated to the topic of sex. Here you can find a lot of displays, unique statues and interactive exhibits, will be able to purchase intimate toys and learn a lot about sex.

1. The Buddhist hell Park in Pattaya, Thailand

Buddhists believe that at death the deeds and acts of man are weighed, if the bad deeds were more, then the soul goes to hell. In this Park depicts torture in the Buddhist hell: sawing in half, crushing the bones, being devoured by Cerberus. Upon entering the Park visitors are welcomed 2 statues of men and women who are called “Preta”. Look like a couple of martyrs is doomed to eternal wandering with a constant feeling of hunger and thirst. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

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