11 facts about Disneyland

About Disneyland knows everyone, and many people dream to go there. Today 14 dney. EN tells interesting facts about this popular amusement Park and attractions.

1. Disneyland a few

When we usually say “Disneyland” that come immediately to mind huge amusement parks with Mickey Mouse and other characters. And despite the fact that all Parents are similar, a few different parks, with their own characteristics and are located in different corners of the planet.

The first Disneyland was opened in California, USA in 1955. After some time, were open three more Park rides in Tokyo (1983), Paris (1992) and Hong Kong (2005). There is another Park called “Magic Kingdom”, it is located in Florida.

Usually tourists from Yekaterinburg more convenient to visit Disneyland Paris because of its relative proximity and ease of travel.

2. The most popular attraction of Europe

Disneyland Paris is the most visited attraction not only Paris and France but all over Europe. According to statistics, for example, those who rides tour of the Eiffel tower in Paris or the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, much less visitors than Disneyland.

Interestingly,Disneyland Paris is the fourth most popular attraction in the world. Guess after who. Yeah, right, after Disneyland in California, Florida and Tokyo.

3. A place for children and adults

Disneyland is the atmosphere of fairy tales and childhood, to feel like a little boy or girl everyone wants. A record – the oldest visitor to the Park during the history was 106 years old.

4. Constant queues

If you decide to visit Disneyland, be prepared for the fact that some time will have to spend in queues for the rides. This is not surprising – every year only Disneyland Paris is visited by an average of 12.5 million people. For comparison, it is one million more than the population of the capital of our country.

5. Mandatory rides

Attractions and entertainment of Disneyland (see p. 1.) different. While there is a “binding set” – these rides you will find in any of the parks

Disney. This is “haunted house”, “paddle steamers”, “flight to the stars” and (as without them!) – a roller coaster, however, they are called everywhere differently. Also there is always the Ferris wheel with panoramic views of the entire entertainment area.

6. Pirates – the most popular

The most popular attraction in Disneyland Paris – “pirates of the Caribbean”. The theme of pirates are always popular among children and this can be seen in the figures, in 2012, the attraction was marked 6.5 million tourists.

The atmosphere of pirate life, reefs and waterfalls, ships and boats, pubs and pirates – all of this can be seen here. Yes, you permanently remove the currently installed Camera. And the output you can see yourself in different angles. And this, according to eyewitnesses, almost not inferior to the impressions of a pirate adventure!

7. The castle, which everyone knows

The castle, which show before any disney cartoon, many associated with Disneyland. Interestingly, this castle susessful really. It is located in Germany and is called Neuschwanstein. For reference – this is the most visited castle in the world, it takes about 1 million tourists a year.

8. Thousands of actors

For the atmosphere of a holiday in Disneyland with thousands of actors. For example, in the Paris amusement Park – almost 15 thousand actors a hundred nationalities. And Disneyland in Orlando provides around 66 thousand people and is one of the largest employers in the United States.

Each actor performs its role strictly, so as not to disturb the General atmosphere of that area of the Park where he works.

By the way, in Disneyland, and there are rules of conduct for visitors. For example, in the costumes, rented from one part of the Park, you cannot move to another.

9. Tickets to Disneyland

Once before there was a separate ticket to get into Disneyland and every ride (like we have in Cpio them.Mayakovsky). Today operates a kind of “all inclusive” – after paying for the ticket (entrance to the Park), all the entertainment and attractions – for free.

The cost depends on the number of days you want to spend here, in fact you pay for the number of “visits” to the Park.

The price of tickets to Disneyland Paris (adult/child up to 11 years old):

1 day/1 Park — 46/38 Euro

1 day/2 parks — 56/49 Euro

2 days/2 parks — 103/84 the Euro

3 days/2 parks — 128/105 Euro

In the US, ticket prices are about the same. For example, a two-day visit to the two parks for adults will be $99 (in Paris – 103 euros).

10. Mickey mouse everywhere

One of the “chips” Disneyland images of Mickey mouse. They’re everywhere. But if you look carefully, you can – and quite often – also see the so-called “Hidden Mickeys” – a stylized head and ears of Mickey. Designers are “encoded” in the shape of ponds, bushes, roofs, ornaments and signs on the chests of the pirates and the remote control of the spacecraft.

Interestingly, the exact number of images and symbols Mickey mouse in the parks, nobody knows.

In Disneyland there is a special attitude towards cats. It was agreed that the members of the cat best escape from the invasions of rodents, so every night houses, well-camouflaged in the Park release 200 cats, who are night patrols in the area.

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