5 the world’s most expensive theme parks

Visit theme parks and amusement parks always evoke happy childhood memories. Of course, the appearance of the first Disneyland in 1955 ushered in a new era of creating rides that can now be combined into a single amusement Park with lots of entertainment, food outlets and restaurants, hotels and water parks. It was the first time created a huge Park with all the rides on which the child could only dream of.

The original Disneyland proved a huge success even in its relatively modest beginnings. Only in the first decade of its existence it was visited by over fifty million people. Since then, Disneyland has an extensive network, including in Paris and Tokyo.

The enduring popularity of such parks shows that such places are like a magnet for all children and adults, and people are willing to pay a fair sum of money in order to spend the day at these “factories of dreams”. This list contains five of the most expensive theme parks in the world, which every year are visited by many thousands of tourists.

SeaWorld Orlando — ticket price $ 80.00 per day

SeaWorld, there are already more than fifty years. The Park offers several rides mostly on the water theme, which include Kraken and Journey to Atlantis. The main dostoprimechtelnostyami is its performance with sea animals.

Universal Studios Hollywood ticket price is 92 dollars per day

This Park brings to life the famous movies, television shows and characters created by universal studios. There are attractions that will remind viewers of movies like the Despicable me movies, revenge of the Mummy and Shrek.

Disneyland, California — the ticket price of $ 96 per day

One of the many Disneyland, this time in California. The adventure Park caters to guests of all ages, providing a wishing well as a hotel. There are a wealth of impressive entertainment, including the attraction of Aladdin, night available dancing, respectively, only through a giant rabbit hole.

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida ticket price of $ 99 per day

One of the most iconic world theme parks. There are popular rides such as Space Mountain, Splash mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, as well as new hits, such as water-oriented Splash ‘N’ Soak Station, Cinderella Castle. Guests can sample cuisine and culture from eleven different countries, including Mexico, Morocco and Norway.

Universal Studios Florida — the ticket price of $ 136 per day

Another amusement Park in Florida is Universal Studios. Here fans of the magical Saga can dive into the world of Harry Potter. Guests can join the battle on Transformers. A relatively new addition from the Magical world of Harry Potter to the theme parks proved a huge success by visit. Guests can eat Leaky cauldron, and experience the multi-dimensional ride Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

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