Abandoned parks

In the tourist area of Sanur is located at Taman Festival Park, incredible size for a theme Park for the whole family. There is everything to defeat boredom: rides, safaris, roller coasters, 3-D simulator, carousels, water slides, nightly “volcanic eruption”, laser show, crocodile and turtle ponds, houses snakes, lizards and an outdoor amphitheater.

About still describe our tour operators Taman Festival Park, selling tours in Sanur. If you have purchased this tour will help you to find the Park and give a little tour 🙂

The Central entrance. The registers are closed. But this Park doesn’t stop anyone.

In the Park you can enter riding on a bike from the beach.

The Park was opened in 1997 and after working for three years in 2000 was closed. Many different versions of why such a massive project so quickly gone. Most often talking about the bankruptcy of the Park in the midst of an economic crisis. More often say that a Balinese investor and the government do not share the money, and without sufficient investment Park, again, in the midst of crisis is bent.

The awareness of our tour operators just baffled. How do they work? Tell whether they are still talking about this Park tourists? I hope not, as the last laser show, there were already 14 years ago!

Now the Park can only serve as a backdrop for post-apocalyptic film.

The jungle gradually taking him in his arms.

The sight is quite unusual

Turbo cinema or theatre. What it would mean. )

The Park itself is pretty impressive lazerow, almost 10 hectares

To open here was brought more than 130 crocodiles and tortoises very much. After the Park closed all of them then abandoned, and until 2008 they continued to wander through the Park, reducing their population to cannibalism. The locals say they are fed chicken, but that wasn’t good enough for such a large population.

After 2008 the remains of crocodiles took the animal, although still there are horror stories about evil and hungry crocodiles that are hiding out in here.

What a beautiful fountain on the main square of the Park

The Central building of the Park. As far as I understand, there was a display of different reptiles and other animals.

Here you can easily imagine how will the city look like in 10 years after they leave the last man

Unusual place, although when I heard about it, imagined something better… Because there was once a roller coaster, carousel, Ferris wheel… Just imagine all these devices overgrown with vines, in the jungle. that would be cool…

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