Adventure in the Park.

The PortAventura Theme Park.

Port Aventura, one of the world’s largest amusement parks, is divided into six themed areas, five of which are: the Mediterranean, Wild West, Mexico, China, Polynesia – exist for a long time, and the sixth, children’s, Sesamo Aventura, opened only in April of this year. That’s really what we are really lucky! It is in this part of the Park we spent the lion’s share of time.

Right from the main entrance to the Park starts the area of the Mediterranean. At the entrance – a huge number of souvenir shops and cafes. A large pond, over which passes a large part of Furius Baco is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world.

“Polynesia”. Here is the most interesting attraction – Tutuki Splash, – something like a water roller coaster. Boat with people climbing to the height of five-story building and then plummets down, raising a bunch of spray. But that’s not all. When the boat comes out on a flat surface and, seemingly, all the adventures for the riding in it is over, they collapse the water jets from water guns, to shoot from which costs 1 Euro per minute:). The other end of the Polynesian area is a huge swing KontikiWave and Marina “Polynesian pies”.

And then – Sesamo Aventura… for kids! And we, adults, on many rides to ride was a pleasure. Our kids liked the Tami-Tami – a roller coaster getscaledinstance. Swept them probably five times, the benefit that the queue at the end of the day on them almost was not. Junior, however, let hard, for a long time have measured, if it fits on the growth:).

Area with lasercam, children’s slides and other pleasures. Children climbed on it maybe three hours, and barely took them out. The most important thing on this site, everything is done as safe for children. In contrast to our sites, there are no places where a child could fall from a height. And sides, and top all covered by a thick mesh, which you can climb, but to break up which neither in children nor in adults, the force is clearly not enough, even if you jump on it with all his might.

And a lot of other swing-roundabouts, so that to give the kids we had not at all.

Zone “China” with the coolest ride in the Park – Dragon Khan roller coaster and a very beautiful fountain of the dragon, who likes to throw water on the unwary tourist:). Went to the bubble show Bubble Bou. The children were delighted, and so are we!

The main attraction of the Mexican zone, the Hurakan Condor. Free fall from the height… don’t even know how many meters. Probably not less than 100. Another outstanding attraction – El Diablo – Tren de la mina, a wooden roller coaster by today’s standards is not steep, but historical;).

Well, the wild West:). Particularly outstanding attractions were not there, it can be noted except that Stampida and Tomahawk are two kinds of “vintage” wooden roller coaster, but children avtomobilchiki Buffalo Rodeo and Wild Buffalos, but what a color:).

Throughout the Park – beautiful landscape solutions. Very beautiful greenery, flowers, many beautiful waterfalls.

Almost the entire Park is a railway, a train which runs every half an hour, and the channel on which you can ride on “Polynesian pie”.

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