Amusement Park XL

Family fun center XL on Yaroslavka is a whole world of modern entertainment equipment and amusement rides for the whole family! After all, here you can enjoy the large Playground and the Labyrinth and try not to get lost in it or play in the complex “Bastion”, made a real firing of the air guns.

For kids the Center has a fun play area, while older children and adults interested in a water attraction “Aqua ball”. It is possible that it fulfilled a childhood dream — to go in a hot air balloon (and not to get wet at the same time).

In videocanada Mirage, a miracle happens: from the soft chair you are transported into the world of amazing adventures. Young visitors will have the opportunity to play mini-bowling and make it look like real athletes, and then a fun spin on the attraction “Carousel”. And the electric “Circuit” it will be interesting to ride with the whole family.

In the hall Centre there are many video games and prize machines, where you can have a tournament in basketball, hockey, racing sports bikes and cars. The winners will receive “tickets”, which are proposed to exchange for wonderful gifts with prettacy!

Plenty enough,it would be nice to eat? In this case the cook of our cafe has prepared for you a great meal for every taste. Our cafe menu is very diverse and has a rather affordable prices.

You can celebrate birthday of your child. Through Manager’s birthday you can order a table with refreshments at the celebration for your child, and the animators will make this day unforgettable, spending it in our fabulous rooms “Ubelaker”.

Every weekend we organize free entertainment on the stage. And while the kids play, parents can enjoy a game of bowling or Billiards in the adult area to watch the games at a sports bar center, become a karaoke star and visit our Banquet hall!

3500 sq m of entertainment for every taste and for every age await You on the 3rd floor in the Family entertainment center “XL”!

Want to relax and get a great dose of positivity? Welcome to Children’s entertainment center XL na dmitrovke! You will find it easily: you just need to come on the Dmitrov highway. Here, in the building of the Shopping center XL, on the -1 floor and is a fabulous place.

In the Children’s entertainment center XL and beautiful, and comfortable, and ambitious. In short, is where carousing: the area is 2000 square meters, offers more than a hundred entertainment devices and modern attractions, and a new Playground with a “Magic maze” and “Magic town” is located on 500 sq. m. Even the most capricious and picky visitors will find the desired occupation. Right here is offered an incredibly wide choice of entertainment not only for children but also for adults.

Someone carried away by the attractions of the Playground, someone decides to Wade through the “Laser maze”, maybe even a whole family. You have “dazzled” from a variety of videosimulyatory. Show yourself in the game of Billiards, and at this time your child can pobarahtatsya in the dry pool “Children’s labyrinth” with bright balloons.

For those who like to win and receive gifts, straight to prize entertainment devices. There you will win coupons, which will choose a gift for your taste from the assortment of the prize Fund. Play and win is always nice!

But the day you also want to relax a bit. It is convenient to do in a cozy café Children’s center. Here you can eat, desserts, pizza, fruit and drinks.

Now kids and adults can play again or even dance! New world entertainment — dance machine will help inexperienced dancers to learn the basic techniques of dance. And the dancers with the experience is easy to arrange with each other for real competition for the best movement. Original colorful design of the machine and the rhythmic music will lift the mood of participants at the highest standards.

In the process between games it will be convenient to make a pleasant shopping experience at the shops and boutiques of the Shopping center XL. Not burdened with children, the parents, leaving the child with caring personal nanny, have the opportunity to go shopping and even go to the restaurant. Your baby will be looked after, happy and cheerful.

The Children’s center the children not only play, but take part in educational classes. They love to sculpt, draw, make applications, learn rhythm and plasticity. And all this under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Amusement rides and entertainment devices — not only value Children’s center. There are separate halls for celebrations. There are activities with holiday programs for children of all ages that use face painting involved magicians, clowns and trained animals. Birthday or New year’s, prom or other occasion will be held here superinterface. Children will be provided with positive emotions, while adults will probably appreciate even small prices at a high level of professionalism of artists and educators.

Visit the Children’s Center XL is a fun family vacation! You will definitely want to come here again.

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