Amusement parks

What is the amusement Park? Slides, carousels, and the laughter and joy of children and adults too

However, for parents and even considerable costs, and not just for the rides – prices on ice cream and snacks in fast food in such places are just crazy. And thus the incomes of the owners. Predict that by 2008 they reach $ 25 billion. So it is natural that every year these parks are becoming more and more.

The first Bakken was opened in 1583 in Denmark. Then they began to form across Europe, and in 1846 – and on the other side of the Atlantic. There it started in Bristol, Connecticut. However, today the most visited Tokyo Disneyland. The race includes all new and new cities. In the Romanian Sighisoara founded the Park Dracula, their entertainment centers create in Tunisia, Guatemala, Alaska… Even we are trying to do something in Gelendzhik.

However, all of them – not in the top ten, if to judge on a summary table prepared on the basis of estimates of the European and American experts. Is Alton Towers in the English County of Staffordshire. Roller coaster here dispersed up to 61 miles per hour. There are enchanted places and multicyclic and adolescents. Entrance – $ 40, for children from 4 to 11 years 27,50, under four – free.

No. 2 – Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida, USA. 2700 exotic animals, including the albino tigers, hippos, rhinos. Roller coaster SheiKra will offer the visitor on a 60-meter height before the overthrow of the tunnel and then into the water. The entrance fee for adults is $55,95 for children up to 9 years – $45,95, under three – free.

The third was the famous Disneyland in Anaheim, California. For half a century they create a story. Children and adults can experience the adventure along with Indiana Jones, astronauts from Star wars, Peter pan or Winnie-the-Pooh. In a Park hidden away 50 pairs of ears Mickey-mouse – try to find everything! Entrance – $53, 3 to 9 years – $43 for those over 60 is $51.

No. 4. Extensive Europa Park, Germany’s rust around the castle built in 1442 – a few little parks, each devoted to a single country. Go mini France go to Holland, look at Spain… loved Europa Park and many large firms, from the “DaimlerChrysler” to “Coca-Cola”. About a thousand corporate events are held here every year. And entrance is $34 for adults, $30 for children.

No. 5. Gardaland in the Italian Castelnuovo was the first in Italy, opened 30 years ago. Slides are 30 meters in height, with twists-pins at 180 degrees, in the upper part of the passengers literally hanging upside down. Admission is $30, the infirm and children under 10 years stay free of charge.

No. 6 – Liseberg in Gothenburg (Sweden), the largest amusement Park in Scandinavia. Here, the unique roller coaster of wood, but they are not major. On a steel roller coaster visitors to literally “shoot” on 20-meter height, then vertically down and another fifteen minutes of circling in loops… Entrance, as in all socially significant places in the country, low-cost, – $8,50, children under 7 years – free.

Under the seventh number was in the classification Seoul Lotte World (South Korea), the local equivalent of Disneyland. In the amusement Park with fireworks is 2 seconds to fly up to 20 meters, to turn over several times and be… in the Museum of folk culture, or in a Korean village, or in a Nori-Madang (live hall) dance performance. $30 for entrance and all attractions, $23 for children.

Many Russian have loved n 8 – Port Aventura in Salou, on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Five zones – Mexico, China, Polynesia, the Mediterranean, the Wild West. Rodeo on cars for kids, adrenaline on rafting on the rapids – for those who are older. A fall from a 90-meter height, and cedenma specially made so that it seems, here-here will fly. A 45-minute drive to the airport, several five-star hotels and a water Park CARIBE. Entrance is $45 for children and seniors – $36.

In ninth place again the Americans – Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, new Jersey. Local roller coaster Kingda Ka reared to a height of 456 feet, a stroller for him fly at a speed of 128 miles per hour. It is officially the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Located an hour drive from new York from Philadelphia. Ticket price – $38,99. And still Denmark, where it all began! No. 10 – the Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen. Landscape architects have tried to combine in it all that was best in the gardens of delights of the middle ages. Plus the achievements of modern industry of pleasure. This idyll was struck by Walt Disney in 1958 so that it was forced to establish the first Disneyland. Entrance – $11,50 for adults, $6 for children.

Any ratings not included Yadanabon (Mandalay, Myanmar). But in vain! Smoking in the Park from the local Kremlin, a real train with several cars. Squealing kids. Still. Out enclosures with funny monkeys. And now a sad orangutan (for some reason they are always sad in captivity, have looked him in the jungle!). And the bullies-a Gibbons drive in the paint girl-nesmysly. Finally, the most exotic, the most dangerous creature on earth – the brown bear! Entrance – 45 ja. Who translated it into tangible currency, will receive a prize.

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