Amusement parks in Europe

Europe is very diverse. It is possible to plunge into the unique atmosphere created by the rich cultural heritage of the European countries; enjoy the sights of nature, to visit the magnificent gastronomy.

Besides all this, guests can spend time at seaside resorts, visit ski towns and many other places. The most vivid and memorable emotions for the tourists give well-developed the entertainment industry. In European parks you can ride on all the rides (some designed for children, and there are for an adult audience). Naturally, one trip to Europe it is impossible to visit all famous major theme parks, however they can be found. This will help bus tours, which are organized in European countries. There are special purpose tours, which allow each country to visit the famous theme Park. You can buy combined tours that include both sightseeing excursions and trips that can be spent on visits to, for example, Disneyland.

Germany Park Germany is popular not only in this country but also far beyond its borders. This place is widely known among Europeans and other tourists as “Europe Park”. On popularity it takes the second position compared to Disneyland Paris. It consists of a complex, which includes a variety of rides, divided under the banner of European countries. Themed entertainment unite under Plaguicidas States: Italy, Greece, Austria, Portugal, Scandinavia, Russia and many others. Guests will surprise a wonderful boat trip, which flows through “the country of the elves” will bring positive sea riding on a vintage car. For fans of extreme sports will suit a rollercoaster, racing on the mini track on the machines Mercedes-Benz.

Denmark scattered all over the world are amusement parks like LEGO land. They can find the whole series in all corners of the planet. The first such store was opened in Denmark (birthplace of LEGO, which is known to everyone). The small town of Billund has to offer with a large Park where you can enjoy more than 40 million LEGO blocks. Of course, as in many parks you can find the division into zones. Each zone is designed for children of appropriate age. Working LEGO land on an interesting schedule. The duration of the work of the institution depends not only on season but also from day. In some days of July the Park is open to visitors until 9 PM, and on some days work will last for up to 8. Enjoy this place for entertainment from 10 in the morning.

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