Amusement parks in Germany

Considering Germany from the point of view of where would be good to relax, this country for a family holiday the right place!

Plenty of fun awaits visitors to Germany, because it is not only for its rich cultural and amazing places, but also a variety of amusement parks in the country built more than forty. Almost every major city in Germany has its own amusement Park, and the city of rust is the famous Europa-Park in number of visitors is the second largest amusement parks in Europe, it surpassed in attendance only to Disneyland Paris.

The Europa-Park (Europa Park)

The Park is built in town, which is on the border of Switzerland and France, and by its subject it is the most international fleet in the world, as it created eleven zones representing Germany, England, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Holland, Russia and Austria are most typical for countries with specific characteristics and national colors. And also the tourists can come here on a Chocolate Ground, walk in the land of Vikings and relax in the Palace Park, there is a built in 1442 the castle of Baltazar.

I wonder what rides in each Park themed area of Europa-Park are typical of this part of the name, in the Swiss part is downhill called “Lightning Matterhorn”,and in the area dedicated to Greece, equipped with a waterslide, “Poseidon”, the Russian “quarter” will give visitors the current simulator under the intriguing title “Kamchatka airlines”. In total, the Park employs one hundred rides, it regularly hosts a themed show, where participating artists from 22 countries.

The summer season of operation of this amusement Park in Germany starts March 23, and in winter it is open from 24 November until 6 January, however, at Christmas, that is December 25 the Park is closed. Works from nine am to six PM. Tickets are pricey – from 34 euros, so it’s best to buy tickets, is designed to visit the Park for three days, the tickets for an adult will cost 85 euros, and for a children’s ticket will need to pay 75 Euro.

Fantasialand (Phantasialand)

In 2003, the amusement Park, “Fantasialand” received the status as the best Park in Germany and today he confidently holds that high score. The Park is divided into themed zones, where visitors can ride the rides in “Old Berlin”, which is decorated in the style of the early twentieth century, to plunge into the underworld in the mystical caves in the thematic part, named “Mystery”, a hot exotic awaits the guests in the “Old Mexico”, a gripping Wild West in “quarter” and “Silver City”, high-speed roller coaster “Black Mamba” is waiting for tourists in the African part of the Park, plunge into the tale in the area of “Fantasy”, a walk through “Chinatown” everyone is welcome in “Chinatown”. The huge popularity of space show “Galaxy”, which presents the dynamic simulation of the flight through the universe.

Seventeen built in the Park of attractions where you can ride as much as you want, enough to buy a ticket, which is for children older than seven years is to 34.50 Euro for adults and 45 euros. A famous German amusement Park is open from 1 April until the end of October, winter in “Fantasyland” opens the holiday season, which runs from 26 November to 10 January. Works from eleven a.m. to eight o’clock in the evening.

Legoland (Legoland)

For hobbyist designers “Lego” children will be the opening of a wonderful Park built in the town of Günzburg. Forty parks will give unforgettable, full of delight, minutes, fun shows and performances completely capture the attention of visitors, but the main feature of this place are interactive toys – fifty million Lego bricks allow kids to build models of buildings, animals and fantastic characters that can reach a height of seven meters.

Open depending on season from ten am to eight PM and children’s tickets cost 32 euros and an adult is 36 euros.

The Autostadt (Autostadt)

Park Corporation Volkswagen is not only entertaining, but also informative, most interesting in it is considered to be possible under the guidance of experienced drivers “to ride the” SUV, and take this wonderful car steep obstacles in the form of stairs and water obstacles. Exposure to unusual amusement Park of Germany is constantly changing, and here in a year, you can see a lot.

The Autostadt works year-round to nine in the morning till six o’clock. An adult ticket costs 15 euros, children 6 euros, but cheap tickets kompensiruet fact that rides will need to pay separately.

To describe all the amusement parks of Germany is almost impossible, each of them has its own peculiarity and its surroundings. For example, in the Park BadeLand, Wolfsburg built a huge, over a hundred meters tall, a water slide; to stay in the role of a superhero in Bavaria Filmstadt, adventure “Mad max” waiting in the Park Filmpark Babelsberg. Those who are not afraid of heights enjoy the rides in the Park Hansapark, where there is a carousel, a chair which at a great height rotate at a speed of seventy miles an hour – a huge adrenaline rush to the visitors to the Park are guaranteed.

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