Asterix is an amusement Park where they come to life the famous French comics and cartoons about the Romans and the Gauls. A fascinating journey through 6 periods of history from Ancient Gaul to the present day, magical attractions, spectacular views, fantastic and insane at the same time theater.

The Park is 30 km from Paris. It opened in may 1989. The Park is open from April to October from 10.00 to 18.00 hours.

How to get there : by bus from gare routière de Roissy Rue A3 / Parc Asterix lines Courriers Ile-de-France (CIF). Buses depart every 30 minutes from 9.00 to 19.30. To get to this station, take metro line or RER Ligne B3, get off at the stop Roissy Charles de Gaulle 1.

Ticket prices: If you take the day tickets: 12 years and more than 32 euros, less than 12 years 23 euros If you takes two days: From 12 years and more than 60 euros, less than 12 years 24 €

Part of the Park: Ancient Gallia: Gaul. a land of adventure and surprises. The train will take you on the most hilly sites. You can feel the whole body of his crazy speed. After a trip to the mountains embark on a voyage across a stormy sea in ships, storming waves. Near the village, galaadriel grotto. Inside the cave paintings depicts the winding trail of a huge descent. Road length of 900 m and a height of 31 m for the implementation of a dizzying descent at a speed of 60 km per hour – an extreme experience.

If there are Gallo – Roman colliding with cars? In the Park Asterix. Driving such vehicles, the smallest guests will be able to participate in the Galo – Roman confrontation.

Get ready for a river walk. The huge boat slowly floating on the river with green banks. Meet 10-meter downhill!

Via Antiqua, the most famous road in the vicinity of Rome. To pass in the Gallic village, you need to go through many adventures and be prepared for incredible surprises. Here You are waiting for arrived directly from England big Ben, a typical Dutch windmill, shops with shop Windows displaying the Gallic and Roman armor.

The village – the spirit of the Gauls is in the Park everywhere, especially in the Village. The stone-built huts, thatched with logs or straw. wonderful picture! Here you can meet Asterix, Obelix and their friends every day after lunch (everyone knows that not having Obelix can’t communicate).

Ancient Greece – Greece, in the Park Asterix? No wonder: in the time of Asterix for a century this land was a Roman province. But the great Greek gods settled here for a reason!

The attraction Thunder of Zeus . it will carry you over steep hills with a speed of 80 km/h, in the theater, Poseidon will show you a colorful show, and Icarus will lift you up to the sun on the ride flight of Icarus .

The Dolphinarium is the God of the seas Poseidon gives in his extraordinary theatre performance with participation of trained dolphins, sea lions and other beautiful sea creatures. Enough to go down to the bottom of the theater to close to see dolphins, gracefully moving in the water. Friendly animals feel at home here. Fun fact: to fill the pool, need 3 400 000 liter water bottles.

Roman Empire: Feel like a real Spy Caesar. At a height of 5 m you will travel on a private vehicle, offering beautiful views of the surroundings. You will have to show dexterity and ingenuity on the attraction of Battle of Alessia. Ride the Carousel of Caesar . stop for lunch at the tavern Fast de Rome.

The middle ages – Our Age – From the middle Ages to the present day, this walk will turn into an extraordinary journey through time. Here You will meet the troubadours, craftsmen, the three Musketeers.

The middle ages holidays in the square of Old Paris, old houses and Romanesque churches, minstrels, fakirs and jugglers, glass blowers and potters, Smiths, and carvers. XVII century – a meeting with the brave d’artagnan and his friends – three Musketeers, Porthos, and Athos Aramia.

Discover the famous Oxygenarium and a sophisticated air filtration system. Take a ride on this attraction and have some fresh air from the huge bowl! But be careful when meeting a horrible, well known in the Park of a gang of bandits. It was she who organized the plot to steal the Mona Lisa! These bandits have a huge number of all sorts of tricks and tricks in reserve. Explosions, waterfalls and amazing stunts! But the adventure continues!

Galera. Will choose a place on Board a large galley and get ready to experience a series of sensations of weightlessness and free fall.

Come! Asterix, Obelix, D’artagnan and many more are waiting for you!

Scheme Parc Asterix (you Can increase)

Location Parc Asterix on the map of France

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