Disneyland Paris is Europe’s only

If You ever visit Paris, don’t miss this opportunity and visit Disneyland. It is the largest amusement Park in Europe, which was opened on 12 April 1992. It is located 32 km from Paris, about 45 minutes. Generally, on-site Disneyland Paris . with an area of 1943 hectares approximately, are two parks Disneyland Park and Walt Disney studios Walt Disney Studios Park and entertainment quarter, Disney Village, Golf Disneyland, hotels. business and residential areas.

The Park is so large and diverse that there will be fun and interesting for adults and children. Disneyland Park is divided into five parts, each of which represents a world of your favorite heroes and stories from different eras. Here is just a brief overview of each area of this fantastic amusement Park.

Disneyland Park (DLP).

From the main entrance to the center of the Park — Sleeping Beauty castle, the Main road leads US “Main street U. S. A” . made in the American style of the late XIX and early XX century.

On this street there are no rides, but lots of restaurants. cafes and souvenir shops. It resembles the hometown of Walt Disney. Here you will see spectacular parades and people walking on the street, disney fairy tale characters. There is a railway station Disneyland Paris, there is train, koturammopo to go round in a circle all five zones of the Park. While traveling, You will admire the beauty of hills, river valleys and picturesque lagoons.

For the disney character, Sleeping Beauty castle, is a Country of fantasy “Fantasyland” . This area is for the little ones, certainly take their kids there. The maze of Alice in Wonderland, flying with Peter pan and Dumbo, the cave of the dragon and fairy merry-go-round will lead them into a real delight.

If You want to visit the Wild West, to feel fearless cowboy or a leader of a tribe of Indians, be sure to visit the Border country “Frontierland” . It is possible to get, turning from the main entrance immediately to the left. Even there you can visit a small zoo. to see the adventures of Mickey mouse, and watch the Tarzan show.

Right behind Frontierland is a land of adventure “Adventureland” . This is the domain of Indiana Jones, Robinson Crusoe and the pirates of the Caribbean!

Probably in this part of Disneyland Paris are the most fun and exciting rides. Here You can run across bridges, climb trees, take place under the avalanche of water, go on a pirate ship, to see and to repel the pirates. The attraction Pirates of The Caribbean journey begins with a pirate cave. There You sit in the boat and slowly floating, on the way you meet a sinister skeletons, bloodthirsty pirates, great treasures, all very sudden and really scary. By the way, this attraction inspired the famous Walt Disney Studios to shoot the famous movie “pirates of the Caribbean”. After the movie was released, some of the scenery of the attraction were updated.

If you go from the main entrance to the right, You find yourself in the Country of discoveries “Discoveryland” . This part of Disneyland was conceived and designed in the style of the future, so did the science fiction writer Jules Verne. Here is a very popular and most extreme attraction Space Mountain: Mission 2 . Hold on, if you dare to ride it! The dizzying speed of 70 km per hour, overload and buffeting You provided.

There you can watch a half-hour musical, The Legend of the Lion King (a Legend king-lion), set in 2005.

Walt Disney Studios Park.

The theme of the second Park, Walt Disney Studios Park is the movie and everything associated with it, cameras, lights, special effects, stuntmen and even the Boulevard of stars.

Visitors can go behind the scenes and to see excerpts from love stories in the show, Cinemagique. In the show car stunt Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, You’ll witness these stunts, this show enjoys crazy popular. Here in the eyes of the public, almost comes a new series about James bond, with gunfights, explosions, car chases and spectacular special effects. Studio Tram Tour, you can ride the tram among the different scenery. To see the plane from the movie pearl Harbor, the submarine from “the adventures of captain Vrungel”, the lunar Rover, a police car from the film “Who framed Roger rabbit” and more.

In honor of the famous rock band Aerosmith in this part of Disneyland Paris was opened roller coaster Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, where the rumble of the musical accompaniment in their performance, You rush headfirst into pitch darkness. Walt Disney Studio Park for the 15th anniversary of Disneyland bought new rides, one of them is presented in the form of a Cup from the cartoon “Cars”.

The Disney Village. Golf Disneyland.

This is a huge quarter, which takes guests even after the closure of the parks Disneyland Paris. There is a wide variety of shops, restaurants, a cinema complex, a disco and a centre for the bowling game. To buy Souvenirs in many ways disney stores, here is everything in the Disneyland.

In a couple of minutes drive away the Golf course of Golf Disneyland with 27-hole course. The field is designed for both beginners and professional players. Here is the excellent Radisson SAS.

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