Entertainment in Chemal

The village of Chemal is one of the most popular recreation areas in the Altai mountains. And it has become popular for several reasons: in Chemal is easily accessible thanks to a special microclimate here, which allow us to classify this country to the category of mountain resorts and the village is well developed tourist infrastructure.

In General, more on the way in Chemal there is something to see. Major attractions that are in vicinity of Chemal tract, we considered in a separate topic. Here we will talk about what to do with my free time tourist who decided to stay on vacation in the village.

Perhaps the main local landmark and a business card. Hydroelectric power plant was built in 30-ies of the last century on the Chemal river just upstream from its confluence with the Katun river. By today’s standards the plant is small, almost a toy, but at the time it was a real technological breakthrough.

Currently HPP is not functioning and is used for entertainment of tourists. Here are tours, many Photographed around the plant also staged a extreme amusement Park. It consists of a ropes course and several amusement type Ferris wheel. After the floods of 2014, the Park has suffered badly, but now everything is gradually put in order.

One of the signature attractions in Chemal hydroelectric power station can be considered a “bungee” of various kinds. It is a line strung across the river which you can ride down at speed, being attached to a special roller.

The cost of one descent bungee from 400 rubles .

Tour Chemal including inspection of HPP can be made on foot, on horseback and on kvadrotsiklah. All these vehicles you can rent and ride. However, the cost of the hire of the iron horse is much higher. The ATV will be asked from 1300 rubles per hour, per horse from 400 rubles .

Another widely-known downtown landmark. The island is located in the middle of the Katun river and the shore it connects the suspension bridge. And the bridge itself, and the island, and the chapel on it, and the sculpture of the virgin and child, made of a piece of rock – all of it attracts as tourists and Orthodox pilgrims. The Greek name is Patmos, the island was named for the chapel of St. John the Evangelist, which is situated there. This Saint lived and preached on the island of Patmos, but, naturally, on the other, not in the Altai.

Rafting on Katun (threshold Teldekpen)

The Katun river cannot be called a landmark only Chemal – it’s just a symbol of the Altai mountains. And rafting on the Katun – that’s what going to the Altai, many tourists. About 40 kilometers above Chemal downstream are the famous rapids Teldekpen, a great place for those who decided to try their hand in conquering the rivers. Rafting on the Katun devoted to a single material. They come in different length and complexity.

The cost of one day of rafting on the Katun river, about 1000 rubles per person.

Hiking on the Karakol lake

One of the popular tourist routes to the cascade mountain Karakol lakes. start which starts from Chemal. There are routes Hiking and horseback riding, they take a few days. You can also go by Express on the machine with high cross – it will be much faster.

Cost about 2000 rubles per person.

Hike to mount Camel

Camel mountain – the highest point in the vicinity of the village. The mountain is 928 metres above sea level. Or rather, she had two heights, because two vertices, hence the name – as the humps of a camel. The height of the second peaks of about 700 meters. The climb doesn’t require mountaineering skills, but the physical training and comfortable shoes is highly desirable. From the summit offers the best panoramic views.

There are in Chemal and your shooting club, called “Aitau” is located at the foot of mount Camel. Note that this is not a shooting gallery, what are in the urban recreational parks, full-fledged shooting club, where the shooting of hunting and pneumatic weapons.

It is clear that not every tourist takes with him to rest the gun, so there are targets, rifles, pistols you can take in rent. Here you can buy ammo. With beginners classes instructors.

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