Ferris wheel

Kirovchane have suggested to set the Ferris wheel in the Alexander garden

Kirovskoe branch of the movement “Essence of time” conducted a survey of residents to learn what place, in their opinion, the most suitable for the installation of a Ferris wheel.

We will remind, the Kirov philanthropist Valery Krepostnov plans to install the wheel to see at the Theater square near the Drama theatre. Scene-“shell” will be part of a new attraction. It is planned that the Ferris wheel will operate year-round. Lockers will make it closed and warm. A new attraction will be part of the pedestrian tourist route “Vyatka promenade”, which covers all cultural and historical sights of the Central part of the city. To install the Ferris wheel going to the city Day.

Coordinator of the Kirov branch of “essence of time” Andrew Mozhevitinov believes that Ferris wheel will be a good contribution in the area of culture and recreation in our city. However, in his opinion, the place is chosen unsuccessfully.

In this regard, the members of the movement held in the online survey, which kirovchane have chosen the location of the attraction. In total the survey took part 1 thousand.

Most of them (67.3 per cent) voted for the placement of a Ferris wheel in the Alexander garden. 6.4% of citizens believe that attraction should be in the Park named after Y. A. Gagarin (Philharmonic hall). 4.4% prosenchymatous for the Park of the Palace of Pioneers, 4,2% – for Victory Park, 3% for Koczorowski Park (area Konev), 1.6% is suggested. In Theatre square, offering to install a Ferris wheel, voted to 4.1% of the residents. And 9% believe that attraction and does not need it.

According to Mozhevitinov, Alexander garden, the most suitable for Dating tourists to the historic centre of Kirov. In “essence of time” sure to change the installation location of the Ferris wheel will not damage the contents of the proposed route “Vyatka promenade”. “Moreover, this option takes into account not only the interests of tourism development, but will include the interests of the residents of Kirov, which will receive a more intensive cultural program of the Alexander garden. Without a doubt, many kirovchane with pleasure will diversify your cultural stay in the day at this attraction,” – said Mozhevitinov.

Representatives of the movement sent a letter with the results of the poll, the Deputy OZS Krepostnov Valery, the head of the city Vladimir Bykov, the regional Minister of culture Andrei Rock, the Governor of the region Nikita Belykh.

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