French Park Asterix

Some places of the French capital like a fairy tale. We are talking about amusement parks. We have already talked about the world famous and beloved by all kids Disneyland, and today will visit no less amazing Park that bears the name of one of the national heroes of France.

Magic country under the name of Asterix in the suburbs of Paris. This is a huge Park, which invites you to travel back in time to find yourself in the country of the Gauls, where you can feel the wrath of the mighty gods, to visit the parade of characters from their favorite comics and Gladiator fights, to the skating rink, to see a miracle at the circus and taste the incredibly delicious treats in stylish cafes.

Homely amusement Park Asterix is not as grandiose as Disneyland. But Parisians love it for the fact that it has a modern French flair, unlike its Americanized counterpart. In the village of the Gauls ruled by a powerful General Caesar, and the inhabitants are made of magic liquid.

Here every day is a real holiday with fun rides, exciting adventures and carnival performances. Kids can ride the bumper cars, and more brave and courageous young people of school age to ride a loop ride called Goudurix. However, this extreme is well suited for adults who crave poluchitsja dose of adrenaline. Just imagine the rise tridtsatipjatiletnego elevation and abrupt descent. And all this at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour!

Want to feel like a valiant and noble knights to help the Obelisk can proselytise water Menhir Express Express. This is a more sedate attraction, but the pleasure you will receive no less. Nearby is the movie theater where you can watch your favorite movies and eat delicious ice cream.

On ride Tonnerre de Zeus, the most fearless can giant the terrible language of Zeus to go to the top of Olympus, where the gods live. Only Gauls can overcome all obstacles in such debacles. But wishing can join them, after all, in a fabulous Paris country any miracles are possible.

And a visit to the Poseidon to see an amazing water ballet, where he performed unusual artists. Who do you think? Of course, dolphins.

In the Paris Park Asterix is still a lot of exciting ideas, breathtaking attractions, and wonderful artists. If you want to get acquainted with the history of France and relax with the whole family, this place would probably be the best. You don’t believe in a fairy tale? You have the opportunity to visit. Go on a journey.

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