Hi, the horrors and nightmares! One of us will be able to save at least apparent calm in places where the blood run cold. Today we will tell you about some of the sights of Bali, where you don’t want to be after sunset.

It’s a big work-in-progress amusement Park in Sanur. 14 years ago stopped the construction of the complex, and now all in ruins that the jungle is slowly taking up in his arms. In fact, ruins a look more than creepy: over the years the roofs of the buildings collapsed, walls collapsed, overgrown with moss and got a chilling inscriptions graffiti (or blood, who knows!?), hanging from the ceiling vines, half of the steps is not in sight, — average area for shooting horror.

What little sinister place without myths and legends. The story of the abandoned Park in Sanur about crocodiles-cannibals (Yes, that’s right!). The Park has the cutest little pit full of black slime, where the assurances of his contemporaries, finds the early days of construction, settled nothing – 130 crocodiles. As it usually happens, greenbacks cuties to get forgotten when the project was abandoned. In a huge toothy mouth fell according to the legend, mostly tribesmen, as even the most frail monkeys avoided this place party. Ate you guys each other without the rest, nobody knows. So be careful when visiting the Park — do not jump into the pit with the slime and smotriat feet!

Where: Taman Festival is located along the road Jalan Pantai Padang Galak in Sanur (Sanur). In this 7-minute drive North of Sanur Beach.

Apparently, the aircraft is a fashionable decor in Bali. In Canggu Kuta and a couple already adorns the roofs and gardens. But the most impressive exhibit is close to pandawa beach. There is information that the aircraft was planned to do a restaurant, but the venture remains unfulfilled, but for everyone who dreamed of walking the wing, without risking your neck, there is an amazing opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

Where: On the Bukit, Jalan Nasa Dua Selatan. 5 minutes by bike from Pandawa Beach.

A famous place in the village of Bedugul on the way to lake Bratan. A large hotel was almost ready to surrender when his owner Tommy Sharo (son of the second President of Indonesia) went to jail on charges of murder (there were no tales). Since then this hotel on the picturesque hills of Bedugul is rotting and falling apart, like all the haunted places. Collapses and decays, honestly earning the title of “a haunted hotel”.

Multi-level terraces almost fully equipped but abandoned rooms sullen look with the greenery and the mist-shrouded hills. Walking through the corridors of the hotel is better during the day and only people with steady mentality. At twilight, the imagination can play with you a malicious joke.

The legend of this place is similar to ordinary children’s stories: some fool came and stayed the night, and more it nobody saw. Also mention the name of the group about the disappearance of a team of builders and Minister of law and order, who went in search of them.

Where: In the village of Bedugul (Bedugul) in the district of strawberry farms (Strawberry Hills) 15 minutes drive from lake Bratan (Bratan).

Divers call this wreck “liberty” in the name of a sunken ship. In fact, only armed with a mask and flippers, you will be able to see the landmark #4 in our spooky list. For a more detailed study of the remains of the ship you will need full diving gear and an experienced guide-Divemaster. This do not have — to several of our rental equipment.

The American ship “liberty” lies in shallow water, it means that you’re a tourist here, even the beginners, without licenses and certificates. The remains of hulks are buried at a depth of 30 metres near the shore.

The history of this place is not the most ordinary: the ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo near the island of Lombok and was towed to Tulamben to rescue people and valuables. The eruption of mount Agung in 1963 has affected almost the entire Eastern part of Bali, and carried the ship farther from shore, making it a refuge for marine life.

Where: Liberty Wreck in the village of Tulamben (Tulamben). 2-3 hours of riding a bike or car from Kuta.

For lovers of underwater horror there is one sweetest place — the temple of Pura Taman in the fishing village of Pemuteran in the North of the island. Underwater structure occupies a large area at depths from 15 to 29 meters and offers the Outlook of divers and sharks 25 huge statues that were absorbed by the ocean. Covered with nice corals and stretching into the dark sea depths, they seem to want to tell a fearful story about prognuvshis heaven.

Unfortunately, spine-tingling stories about Atlantis Bali no. Or you raspravljati of volcanic eruptions, no earthquakes monstrous or divine intervention, who pulled down the temple into the abyss of the seas. In 2005, people were loaded on the bottom of the statue of the Hindu temple, in the framework of the recovery of coral reefs these places and attract tourists.

Diving near Pura Taman alone will be a test of nerves for the group, it could be an exciting adventure.

Where: Pura Taman is Located off the coast of the village of pemuteran (Pemuteran). The North of Bali, from the main tourist areas you will have to go a long way.

Chills you to the skin and strong impressions!

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