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Location: Gardaland is the Italian equivalent Disney. A huge amusement Park and entertainment stretches from lake Garda.

The hours: from 1 April to 3 October from 10:00-18:00; in July and August from 10:00-23:00; the Park is also open for Halloween and Christmas.

Entertainment on paper the plan of the Park are numbered and grouped by major color groups: red 16 “fantasy” (included sightseeing cruises “Translation Express” and set “panoramic tour”) and other thematic “travel” into the car, a variety of boats and ships, airplanes and so on.

For the little kids there are interesting and colorful district Kingdom, where they sing and entertain, freeze in funny poses all sorts of pigs, geese, cows and other animals. As well as pavilions with speaking for itself names “Peter pan”, “Superbaby”, “Games Area”, “video games and simulators”.

Not only children but also adults love the jousting tournaments, which take place 2 times a day. Here the audience heard the paper, multi-colored crown, and “korhonasi” should be rooting for the knight, dressed in the same color. “Action” – performances in the Park are all free, except for “Dolphin”.

Mode of operation: the Park is open in summer from 10.00 to 23.00.

The Park is one of the largest parks in Europe. Here You will find over 40 rides, among which is a roller coaster, and in Italy they are called roller coaster.The latest novelties of the Park are the rides, “Maya” and “Catapult”, a ride which can only be solved daredevils. In addition to classic rides and restaurants huge popularity stunt show that performs crazy stunts on motorcycles and cars.

In the Park of Mirabilandia you can also visit the 3D theatre to see significant jumps in the water and the performance of the ballet on ice, lie on the beach. In Mirabilandia Park regularly hosts foam parties for kids and their parents, laser show and fireworks. In the Park there is an Express.

Location: In Rimini there is another popular Park “Fiabilandia”. It is surrounded by and has no architectural barriers.

The hours: from Easter to mid-October from 10.00 to 18.00.

Here You will find the village of the Wild West of America and the pirate Galleon. Those interested can visit the tale of Pinocchio, which, as everyone knows, lives in Italy. Here lies a Lake of dreams and find the castle of the Magician Merlino. Here you can fly like Superman, crawl with the caterpillar through the Apple, pass through the small jungle of Esoteria to see the Puppet Museum, popetlyat on the Eastern maze.

When the street gets hot, you can swim in the Sea of Frogs and dine in the shade of palm trees and baobabs. In the evening at the side of the steamer Mississippi offers a beautiful view of dancing fountains. Memorable for kids – children’s disco, Okkadisk where adults are not allowed.


Location: the amusement Park “Italy in miniature”, located in Viserba (between Rimini and Rome), the oldest amusement parks in Italy.

Mode of operation: all year round from 09.00 to 24.00.

On-site, in the shape of the Italian “boot”, presented the model of almost all architectural masterpieces, as well as the most striking natural sights of Italy. Famous cathedrals, fountains, the Colosseum in Rome, the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa and even mount Etna in Sicily – all that is the pride of Italy, Park visitors can explore for quite a short time.

The Park offers many attractions for children of different ages. Daily entertainment programs.

In the Park there is a separate exposition “Venice in miniature”, where you can ride on the Grand Canal on a boat on real water, and admire the wonderful palaces, which are only 5 times less than the originals.

The famous “Aquafan” is a gigantic water Park. Here you not only will experience all the surprise water attractions, but also be able to dance at discos directly in the water or special air foam. The Park has a special children’s disco.

Mode of operation: June to mid-September from 10.00 to 18.30

A variety of water slides (including for thrill-seekers), rides and slides for kids, artificial beach, Solarium. There are pools with hydro-massage. The Park has five heated pools, one of which is called “Ocean in miniature.”

The water Park beach village – a little smaller than the “Aquafan”, but its advantage is the direct location on the beach. The Park has heated pools, water slides, beach volleyball, jet skis, surfing, catamarans, pool and games for children, mini club with babysitters. There can be bodybuilding, aerobics, water gymnastics. The evening, themed events, music and competitions.

Mode of operation: from may 20 to September 10 from 10:00 to 18:30.

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