The two-day tour “beauty of Karelia and mountain Park Ruskeala”

The jewel of Karelia – mountain Park “Ruskeala”, referred to as marble canyon will amaze You with its splendor. Cliffs mountain Park, pristine marble lake with emerald water, mysterious tunnels will fascinate You with its magnificence throughout the tour. Scenic waterfalls “Ahvenkoski” rapid river “tokhmayoki”, the friendly Husky dogs and untouched nature add to the beauty of these places. Fans of extreme sports will appreciate the descent along the cliffs above the lake on the longest trolley North-West, jumping off a cliff with a flying Fox and adventure rope Park. And tasting of the famous Karelian pastries, master classes on making charms and visit the souvenir ranks of local masters will plunge You into the traditions of the indigenous peoples of this famous Northern territory.

The program of the tour:

Day 1 – “meet the fleet”

departure from St. Petersburg at 7: 30 from the Kazan Cathedral on our tour bus if you prefer to take a bus from the metro station Prospect Education is possible. Ask when booking to clarify this information!

During the trip the guide will tell about the most interesting places of Karelia, which visitors will see from the Windows of the bus and tells you about the myths, legends and stories atamet.

on the bus route a few technical stops, where you will have the opportunity to see the local sights and enjoy a Cup of delicious tea

You will explore the medieval fortress of Korela-Kexholm, which contained the Decembrists and family Pugachev, and also starred in the film “Brother”.

As well as visiting the ancient Lutheran Church, injured by fire. According to tradition, near it was wrote the epos “Kalevala”.

EXCLUSIVE! Especially for you visit the offices of the Distillery in the town of Lahdenpohja, tasting of products of the plant, including the famous Karelian tinctures, entertainment.

14.00 arrival in Sortavala, lunch

15:30 visit of the waterfalls “Ahvenkoski” where was filmed the famous movie “the dawns here are quiet”, the first Russian 3-D film “dark world”. On the spot, each participant will be able to feel like the hero of the film, to visit the hut of the “forest witch” and enjoy the splendor of the picturesque Ruskeala waterfall

16:30 – the waterfall arrival to the mountain Park “Ruskeala”, referred to as marble canyon and one of the jewels of the Republic of Karelia

In the Park tourists will tour the Park, during which the guide will tell about the history of mining, will show the most hidden corners of the former marble quarry, will guide You through the mysterious tunnels and drifts

after the tour transfer to the hotel. arrival at the hotel, free time

Day 2 – “holiday in the Park”

8.00-9.00 – Breakfast

9.30 – departure to mountain Park

arrive at the Park, free time, where everyone will be able to engage in extreme activities to ride over the marble rocks and mountain lake Park on the longest trolley North-West, jump off a cliff on a bungee, to visit adventure rope Park

for fans of quiet time will be available for skating on marble lake boating, dog sledding, workshops for the production of the Karelian charms, tasting of the famous Karelian pastries, Remeslennaya workshop, gift series and other exciting entertainment

15-30 departure to Sortavala for lunch

departure to St. Petersburg at 17: 00, arriving at 23:00-23:30 (exact time of arrival in St. Petersburg depends on the situation on the roads)

COST: 6900 RUB

Additional charge (optional):

Lunch – 400 rubles

Downhill on a trolley (zip line) along the canyon between the cliffs mountain Park – 1000 rubles per person

The dog sledding – from 500 rubles per person

The descent on climber gear in legendary Ruskeala failure with a unique microclimate, where ice statues (until early may) – 1000 rubles per person

Master classes on making Karelian charms – 250 rubles per person

Every Saturday!



APRIL: 2; 9; 16; 23; 30

MAY: 1; 2; 3; 7; 8; 9; 14; 21; 28

Cost: 6900 RUB

Remaining places: 14

Check out: 02.04.2016 (Saturday) at 07:30

Meeting place: Kazan Cathedral

Come back: 03.04.2016 (Sunday) at 23:00 * *arrival Time is approximate and depends on traffic situation

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