Lotte World

As in Europe, in Asian countries there are many interesting theme parks, which will not be bored neither children nor adults. Parks of Asia all the time competing for the number and steepness of attractions, the diversity offered to tourists entertainment. Interesting. that Lotte world (Lotte World), the world’s largest amusement Park under the roof, is in Asia.

Lotte World – a cultural and entertainment center in Seoul, opened in the summer of 1989. This is a large, divided into two parts Park. One part of it is under a giant dome and is called “Adventure” and the other is located under the open sky called “Magic island”.

In addition to a large theme Park with over forty different rides for children and adults in Lotte World has ice rink, a beautiful lake, Conchango, plenty of cafes and restaurants, and even an ethnographic Museum. The stay here will be remembered for years to come, and here your children can conveniently store bought in many souvenir shops memorable toys.

The inner part of Lotte world is divided into separate zones, each of which represents different countries of the world. Outdoor “Magic island” are the highest attractions, and a beautiful castle and a beautiful lake.

Semipopular amusement Park Lotte World are Cairo-Swing and Cairo Drop. Cairo Swing you will learn what it means to get into the funnel of a giant tornado, and Cairo-Drop will allow you to experience all the thrills of the free fall from 70 meters height.

At an amusement Park constantly held various holidays. laser show, carnival processions and parades, as well as many other exciting activities. The largest and most popular show in Lotte World is the Carnival of the peoples of the world, which is daily carried out in the second half of the day. In the bright carnival procession attended by about two hundred artists, and it lasts more than two hours.

The Seoul amusement Park Lotte World is open all year without breaks or days off. Being the largest indoor theme Park in the world, it was introduced in the Guinness Book of records. In its scale and attendance, he can only compete with Disneyland in Tokyo every year Lotte world is more than eight million people.

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