Most bizarre theme parks

There are a huge number of theme parks that seem to have ceased to be just places of entertainment. The struggle for visitors – a fierce struggle – leads to the parks very, very strange.

Willy Wonka Giant candy roam freely in this world of chocolate fantasy, bringing children into ecstasy:

Of course, you can still find in this Park at least some harmony, but it turns out that harmony is just a cow:

Diggerlend (“Country diggers”) This theme Park, it seems, is constantly under construction. It is a fantasy of almost every little boy (and some adults) allows them to play huge, more than in real life, the sandbox with larger than life toys.

You can drive there police car, organize corporate events, and even doing a bachelor party.

Dubailand Dubailand is currently in development stages (which threatens to become a permanent condition in connection with the recent economic problems), but if it is completed, it will become a giant theme Park.

“Great Dubai wheel” is one of the largest in the world (right – the “Dubai of the Snow Kingdom”):

In fact, the Dubai Ferris wheel is scheduled to make a second height.The tallest Ferris wheel in the world will be a 200-foot design in North bade (China). Please note that this is not the wheel suspension to move up and down in odd arcs.

Back to Dubai: a considerable part of the Dubailand will be a futuristic “City of Arabia” with dinosaurs and a monorail transportation system:

Entrance – the world’s largest shopping center – guarded by a whole herd of dinosaurs:

Dickens world, the Creators of “World of Dickens” in the English Kent promise a “dark, smoky, Moody London, full of smells and mist”. The steampunkers of the world, unite!

Image of the United Kingdom, shown by Charles Dickens during the industrial revolution come to life in the “World of Dickens”, reminiscent of Tim Burton films. Now the whole family can pay to meet with the scammers, and hussies with bums 🙂

The boat trip into the depths of the sewers of London and a Victorian school with a bad teacher in the kit.

Country Maklak Hardly being a unique destination in Alaska, “Country Maklak”, nevertheless, has breathtaking attractions such as mini Golf. and a big cabbage of local origin.

The main attraction of the “Country Maklak” is the world’s largest maklak (traditional canadian boots), suspended between trees and adorned with white balls. There are also a few rusty snowmobiles and amazing red car of unknown brand:

Country Fantasy Located in Alexandria, Egypt “Country Fantasies”, obviously, dangerous for anyone who gets there. Fans thrill it is better to buy insurance before to try out these rides is rusty, partially destroyed, and is still in operation (the entrance is 1.50 a pound for local residents and £ 30 for foreign tourists, take note of this).

Social ignorance is very noticeable in “the Land of Pedro”, a Park full of stereotypes and flamingos 🙂 Play mini-Golf in the “Golf of Mexico” and ride a glass Elevator up to the tower of Sombreros.

The heritage of Limestone “Limestone Heritage” – a theme Park devoted to – you guessed it – limestone! Located on the island of Malta, he shows children and adults the significance of this stone with the help of wax figures and interesting vintage cars:

The Wizarding world of Harry Potter In 2010 theme Park worth billions of dollars opened in Florida. Now all the fans of Harry Potter can leave the Muggles behind and explore Hogwarts by yourself. After a pleasant spending of money (which appeared out of thin air, of course), enjoy the “Harry Burger” or drink a glass of Mead.

“Let the magician living inside of you! “is a great motto. But after it somehow and would like to add: Amen! 🙂

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