Port Aventura to invest 100 million euros to build a new theme Park

Themed amusement Park, PortAventura on the Costa Blanca in Spain (province of Catalonia) will invest 100 million euros in the construction of a new Park Ferrari Land, dedicated to the prestigious Italian car brand, reported portal “Interfax-Tourism” one of the Directors of PortAventura Giovanni Cavalli.

“Ferrari Land is not only a theme Park, where you can get an adrenaline rush, but also a kind of Museum where you can learn the history of the Ferrari brand. Located in Park restaurants you can enjoy Italian cuisine, that is, guests can plunge into the real Italian atmosphere. Visitors of all ages will be able to find in the Park class interests. The total investment in the Park will be about 100 million euros,” — he said.

According to Cavalli, the new product will attract up to a million visitors, which will bring the total number of visitors to PortAventura 5 million a year. The cost of tickets in the new Park will be announced in November.

The highlight of the Park is the accelerator – the highest slide in Europe with a height of 112 m. Passengers will be able to feel the same way as pilots of ”Formula 1”, when honorible within five seconds, accelerates to 180 kilometers per hour, which is equivalent to 1,35 g., “Just imagine: first you fly to a height of 112 metres and then you come plummeting down at an angle of 90 degrees. The Park will be 8 games, and this means that you can try to drive F1″, — said D. Cavalli.

According to Cavalli, the number of Russian visitors to China decreased in 2015 compared to 2014 for 30-30%. However, in the Park do not lose hope for the restoration of the Russian tourist flow.

“Russian tourists are very important for the Park PortAventura. The maximum number of guests from Russia we took in 2014, it amounted to 500 thousand of the 4 million visitors to the Park. Then due to the economic crisis and the geopolitical situation, the number of tourists from Russia coming to the us fell by about 30-35%. Note that the decline in Russian tourist arrivals to the Park were generally less than the average for Spain,” he said.

D. Cavalli expressed confidence that once the economy stabiliziruemost, the Russian tourists will return to PortAventura, as interest in the product is very high. “Russians do not spare money on holidays, as evidenced by the statistics. For us it is very important that the costs and effort that we do to develop the Park, find a response among Russian tourists, and the Park is well-known and popular in Russia,” he said.

PortAventura World Parks & Resort is the largest theme Park in Europe. Over the 20-year history of the Park was visited by more than 60 million people.

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