PortAventura Park

The most popular and largest in Spain. the second largest in Europe amusement Park Port Aventura is about an hour away from Barcelona in Salou. Its territory is divided into six themed zones, and it relates to a water Park and four hotels.

A visit to Port Aventura will turn into an exciting adventure for the whole family — there are a dizzying rides for children and adults alike! Holiday in the Park will be satisfied with all the fun entertainment and thrills, water slides and American gourmets and lovers of nature!

And especially for those who wish to live in a real fairy tale in the Park erected a four-star hotel — Hotel Port Aventura, Hotel Caribe, Hotel Gold River and Hotel El Paso. Each of these hotels has a unique atmosphere, excellent service and is located a few kilometers from the stunning sandy beaches of Salou.

Every day in the Park is about 30 colorful, exciting shows and more than 100 sessions. These views are impressive even adult viewers because they create a real professional dancers and artists from around the world!

The total area of Port Aventura is 115 ha. In Europe it is second only to Disneyland Paris! And all this immense space is divided into six amazing “worlds”: Mediterranean, Great Cityscape, Mexico, Polynesia, the Wild West and the children’s country sesame.

The Mediterranean

As the Port Aventura is located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, this “world” is the first from the main entrance of the Park. Here is the main part of restaurants, souvenir shops, bars and cafes.

This zone stylized like a Mediterranean village with white stone houses, quiet streets, quiet lagoons with nice boats… And on one of these quiet backwaters periodically at breakneck speed sweeping train with squealing delight and horror people. Here is the loop speed of attraction “Furius Baco”, occupying about 10 place in the ranking of the fastest roller coasters.

The Great Chinese Empire

This part of the Port Aventura is the real China town in the best sense of the word. Why are there only — and the Imperial theatre, and temple of Ying-Chou, where there are various performances of acrobats and jugglers, and even the Great Wall of China!

In addition, the famous area of China for its breathtaking attractions: here is the true star Port Aventura — eight giant loops of a roller coaster “dragon Khan”, and newest roller coaster “Shambhala” ( opened in the spring of 2012), reaching 76 meters in height!


Here reigns the spirit of this sultry country of cactuses and pyramids of the Maya. and of course, there are many restaurants spicy Mexican food! And what are the attractions — the incredible “Hurricane Condor” — vertical drop with 86-meter tower and a roller coaster, “El Diablo” and an unforgettable adventure “Yucatan”!


In this area of PortAventura recreates the atmosphere of the Pacific region, the exotic Polynesia, the Paradise of the Islands of Oceania! Polynesia welcomes its guests into a theatrical show with the ancient dances of the natives of Tonga and Samoa.

Cafes, bars and amusements — everything here is decorated in the style of distant Islands. And the most memorable entertainment act — “Sea Odyssey”, a 4D cinema, in which viewers explore the seabed and “Tutuki Splash” is incredibly relevant in the hot Spanish days water attraction.

Wild West

Everything here reminds of the times of the development of the American West! It seems that because of the angle will be a brave cowboy with pistols or lady in a revealing dress. In this area all over the landscapes of the American Prairie, the wooden houses of the Gold rush, the canyons and authentic bars. There is even a city jail and the gallows!

Not done in the Wild West and without the dizzying theme is “Stampede”, a wooden roller coaster on trolleys, “Silver River Flume” river with elevation changes, and “Grand Canyon Rapids” a ride on a mountain river on a huge tank!


And the country til fully dedicated to children. It will delight even the youngest guests Port Aventura — there are rides for those who just turned 3 years. Of course, also in sesame is countless variety shows and colorful performances, sells a variety of sweets and toys, children are entertained by clowns and fantastic heroes!

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