Secret Abandoned Park

Once hot may day, my family went to grandma’s village, which was located near the abandoned mining town Bloody Hill to get a little break from the bustle of the city. You can turn the music to MP3, I stared out the window. Green grass swayed in the warm wind, the trees slightly swaying. On the mountains visible in the distance, not the snow melted. The small streamlet glittered in the sun. About 20 minutes later, the weather rapidly began to deteriorate. A strong wind blew massive clouds hid the sun. Big drops of rain drummed on the roof of the car.

– So went to rest quietly, I mumbled and leaned back in his seat. – Not to worry, just a stray cloud, soon the rain will pass, the forecast is passed on that the whole day will be clear, – tried to calm my dad. – I would like to believe it, – said the worried mother.

Two hours later, we arrived on the scene at the gate we were met by the grandmother. Funny dog beam with joy was hovering around us while dad unloaded the things he had three times almost knocked him down, the father quietly grumbled. When we brought the Luggage into the house, grandma sat us down behind a large oak Desk, which stood near the fireplace and drink hot tea with my favorite strawberry jam. But then the phone rang. Dad got a call from work. After the conversation, my mom began in a half-voice to discuss something.

Granny, tell me something interesting about an abandoned mining town, I smile posmotrela grandmother, the parents, in turn, fell silent and with a frown looked at me. Well, I can tell you a story about the local Park, grandma said in a whisper. – About a local Park? – with interest I asked, and sat closer. – MAAM, do not start, the father rolled his eyes.

Ignoring the words of the Pope, the grandmother continued the story.

When I was little, I often visited this Park. Maybe he was not like in big cities, but for us, the village, it was the best fun. Of course, we went there often. The Park was in the city the Damn Hill, before there was a community of miners and their families. These miners had built for their children this Park. One day, in one of the mines collapsed, killing a group of miners. Legend has it that after the collapse of the city started to happen strange things, like attractions in the Park include themselves, happened many accidents, passing by the sculptures, there was a feeling that they’ll follow you. Their evil smiles was a terror. In the Park often changed the guards, it seemed that someone was there. They could hear voices.

When the mines were depleted, the company went bankrupt. The city went into decline, did not work and people started to leave the Damn Hill. Soon, the city is empty.

One day I encountered these strange phenomena. Once I argued that spending the night in the Park alone. I was a brave girl and didn’t believe in this nonsense. Having waited, when parents fall asleep, my sister and two boys, Nicky and Bob, went to the ill-fated Park. We got there quickly. In the night, he looked even worse, a large head of a clown greeted us at the entrance, his red eyes seemingly sparkled at the sight of us.

– Are you ready? asked nick, handing over the lantern. – Always ready! – I said and reached into the hole in the fence. After a bit, I turned on the flashlight. In the Park there was fog, it was cold to shiver, my heart became restless. – It’s okay, not too bad, I reassured myself.

Old sculptures, fun-looking day, the night seemed creepy. After passing through the overgrown alley, I headed to my favorite merry-go-round with wild animals. When they reached her, I leaned against the rusty metal fence, trying to see in the darkness of his tiger. How much you have fallen off – I regretfully looked at him.

Suddenly, breaking the silence, the music began, the lights lit up red light, the carousel started. What he saw threw me into indescribable horror. Having made the turn, came out of the darkness my tiger and horror of horrors, it was something! It was skinny, bulging eyes, the skin bluish color. His bony hands were disproportionate to each other. It was dressed in dirty, torn in some places miners ‘ clothes. The carousel stopped abruptly. Being stretched in a terrible smile your lipless mouth and bared rotten teeth.

Cried, I stumbled, rushed to the exit. Tears were flowing from his eyes. When he reached the gate, I turned around. The creature shuffling closer to me. His face was frozen in this hell of a smile. Without thinking, I quickly clambered out and rushed home, friends in disbelief rushed after him. Only near the village, I was able to stop and breathe, then I was able to tell my friends about what happened, they of course didn’t believe me. Speaking that fear I just imagined. Back home, I could not sleep, I was shivering in front of the eyes froze in the face of this creature.

– Mom, do not scare the child, the father stood with the old seat and wished us a good night, went to sleep. – Remember – suddenly Granny’s voice became even quieter – don’t Ever go to this Park, do you hear? – her eyes sparkled. I obediently nodded my head, but I’ve already decided where to go tonight.

Secret Abandoned Park
Once hot may day, my family went to grandma's village, which was located near the abandoned mining town Bloody Hill to get a little break from the bustle of the…

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