The best amusement parks in the world

Typical excursions fed up, and lie on the beach already not interested? It’s time to go to the amusement Park, there is certainly you won’t get bored, especially if we are talking about one of the following…

Amusement Park Ferrari World (Ferrari World), the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. A specially created artificial island became a haven for many attractions, designed to meet the most extreme needs of riders and seekers of speed. That just is not here: and rushing up the road, which stands for the dome of the Park, and racing platform, capable of simulating the competition in Formula 1, and much more.

Amusement Park in Germany Europa Park, rust. Here is almost the most popular Park in Europe, after all, it takes few days to get around many countries. The fact is that every attraction is decorated with elements of culture, style and even cuisine of a particular country. Here you can trace the history, feel the spirit of the nation, not going on a long trip.

Also in the Park there are fabulous places which you can’t find on a real map, but here they are presented in a very eccentric: for example, the Mysterious forest as it is impossible by the way vossozdaet eerie, frightening and at times enchanted the atmosphere with special effects and surprises.

Disneyland Japan, Tokyo. One of the major parks where there are outstanding modern water features and everything imaginable for children and adults. Spooky costumes, fun music, light effects – a Japanese Disneyland has surpassed even the American, which was created much earlier. However, the second-most visited Disneyland in France, too, not ahead of Japan in the variety and originality of the attractions.

USA Cedar Point, Sandusky. In this place are gathered the huge number of attractions – they’re almost 70. And it is interesting that the theme gradually added as they develop and create. One of the local roller coaster has a height corresponding to the statue of Liberty.

The Park has vintage rides, which are built over two hundred years, and modern. Among the newest attractions is a 15 – a roller coaster that differ from each other in speed, height, trajectory and musical equipment.

Linnanmaki Finland, Helsinki. It’s not just a theme Park but a real amusement Park. There are everything: cinemas, shops, restaurants, small cafes, sweepstakes. Locals call this place a city amusement Park because of its diversity and vastness. Features local theme Park the fact that it is here, in contrast to many other parks of the planet, there is a wide range of attractions where you can go with babies.

French Park Asterix
Some places of the French capital like a fairy tale. We are talking about amusement parks. We have already talked about the world famous and beloved by all kids Disneyland,…

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Hong Kong Disneyland
This year Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates its 10th anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary here have prepared in advance, preparing for guests the most spectacular show ever seen the Park: musical…

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Italy - Theme parks Italy
Location: Gardaland is the Italian equivalent Disney. A huge amusement Park and entertainment stretches from lake Garda. The hours: from 1 April to 3 October from 10:00-18:00; in July and…

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