The biggest Disneyland in the world

The Chinese are building the biggest Disneyland in the world

At the end of last year ended 10 years of negotiations to establish Disneyland in Shanghai, and today began the construction of a 4 sq. km, the Correspondent of “Kommersant FM” in China Xenia Vasileva noted that the Park make the most of the Chinese, its specifics and charm.

The biggest in the world “Disneyland” was started today in Shanghai. It will be called “Magic Kingdom” and will begin work no later than 2016. Talks about creating a “Disneyland” in China was more than a decade and was completed only at the end of last year. Today, work began on the construction of the first phase. The ceremony of laying the first stone was attended by President of Walt Disney Robert Iger.

The only cost for the first phase of the Shanghai Disneyland will be nearly $ 4 billion. And will it be different from “Disneyland” in the world. For example, the Palace Mickey will be the highest in the world, told the correspondent of “Kommersant FM” in China Xenia Vasileva:

“The territory covers almost 4 sq km is only the first stage because it is envisaged that in the future the Park will expand and it will cover an area of about 10 sq. km. In this case, he could even become the largest in the world. Investment in this first project, its thematic title “Magic Kingdom” — are evaluated, the least 24.5 billion yuan, is 3 billion 700 million dollars.It is expected that it will open its doors to visitors in 2015, in 2016. By this time, going to tie a special railway from downtown to the Park.

Its organizers are very optimistic, they believe that the number of guests Disneyland in Shanghai only for the first year of operation may exceed 7 million people. The builders of this Park promised that in Shanghai this Park make the most of the Chinese — many Chinese specifics, a lot of Chinese charm” — said Ksenia Vasilieva.

Shanghai Disneyland will be the sixth in the world and third in Asia. Two of the “Disneyland” now working in America, and one in Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The first Disneyland was founded in 1955 in Anaheim, California. The construction cost nearly $ 20 million.

The second Disneyland in Florida, built in 1971. He was worth 400 million dollars.

In 1992 was opened Disneyland in Paris. It cost 22 billion French francs.

Disneyland in Tokyo was built in 1993 for approximately $ 3 billion.

Disneyland in Hong Kong opened in 2005, cost 3 and a half billion dollars.

All the parks of the Walt Disney company last year earned more than 2.5 billion euros.

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