The linnanmäki amusement Park in Helsinki


Linnanmaki, a place popular among children and adults. Pride parks — one of the highest in Scandinavia roller coaster.

The amusement Park linnanmäki in Helsinki opened on 27 may 1950. It’s a city, where in addition to rides, there are cafes, restaurants, shops, a 3D cinema, games and lotteries. Linnanmäki is visited annually by over a million tourists, despite the fact that the population of Helsinki is a little more than half a million people.

The entrance to the Park Linnanmaki free. Now the amusement Park has about 40 attractions, every year there are new. On rides more profitable to buy a ticket for 20-30 euros for the whole day on all the rides, it is worn on the wrist like a bracelet. Second option: free admission to the Park and 3-5 euros a single ticket for each ride.

The Park has rules on some of the rides need to zip the pockets (or share things), to remove eyeglasses and large earrings, wearing a must! Rare, but out of the rides cell phones and flip flops. The attraction Raketti employee of the Park, pressing the start button, it is a small glass roof.

The rides at linnanmäki different for adults, for kids, for older children. Let them not by age, but by height: to 100 cm up to 120 cm up to 140 cm and 140 cm above On some rides — not above 195 cm with his head.

There are rides that even with babies — this aerial railway on the territory of the Park over the heads of tourists, the panorama which slowly rises to a height of 53 m and slowly descends, and of course, horses-trains. The accompanying adult (15 years and under) rides free. C of the rotating base at an altitude of 50 meters above the city offer great views of the Finnish capital.

Popular amusement Park linnanmäki:

Kieputin — twisting and turning and at the height of 14 m forgotten in unbuttoned pockets-tube fly 50 meters, a mass of emotions.

Hurjakuru — mad flow — the rapid water ride with a length of 370 m is especially good in the heat — round boat stuck in a whirlpool under a waterfall.

Vuoristorata is the most popular ride in linnanmäki roller coaster with a length of 960 m and a height of 24 m. the Maximum speed of 60 km/h, the longest run length of 48 m lasts 3 seconds.

Raketti — 2.5 seconds delivers the visitors to a height of 60 m, the back free fall. This 60-metre attraction was made in America in 1999.

Kirnu roller coaster with a height of 25 m, the frenzied trailers at a speed of 60 km/h over, turning upside down.

Salama — tiltable cabins for four, a height of 17 and a length of 420 meters, a speed of 60 km/h.

All attractions of the Park are open from late April to mid-September.

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