The most famous theme parks in the world

The first theme (from FR. attraction – attractive) appeared in Europe, where during fairs and carnivals enterprising showman entertained the people. The first buildings were simple – swing Yes ice slides.

The first theme (from FR. attraction – attractive) appeared in Europe, where during fairs and carnivals enterprising showman entertained the people. The first buildings were simple – swing Yes ice slides. In 1583, in Denmark there was built a Park “Bakken”, which was the beginning of the history of stationary amusement parks. Russian scientist‑engineer in the XVIII century, invented a mechanical sliding mount, but industrial production has been established only in the next century. The first motorized roller coaster with rails and the thundering trucks appeared first in new York and then in Japan.

Opening in 1955, “Disneyland”, built on the money of Walt Disney – an event, a landmark for the entertainment industry. The founder had planned to make 180 acres of people have experienced an exciting journey through the magical land of famous cartoons. After the first successful project parks were opened across America.

In Europe Disneyland was opened only in 1992.

Izvestnyaki in Europe are Disneyland Paris and theme – “Asterix”, the Spanish “Port Aventura”, the German “Europa-Park” and the Italian “Gardaland” and “Mirabilandia”. Many of these parks have their own hotels offer a two-day tour packages on the weekend.


Here you can visit ancient Greece, Ancient East, to sail on a tropical river, to find himself in the Gallic village or on the street of medieval Paris. Among the many attractions are the highest in Europe “roller coaster.”


Modeled on the famous American city attractions, invented by Walt disney. Covers an area of 2000 ha. are located On its territory, the Park Walt Disney Studios, which provides a unique opportunity to find yourself on the other side of the screen of the cinema and the amusement Park “Magic world of Disney”.


Located in the South-West of Germany, where the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland. Here all of Europe can be circumvented in a day, “visiting” Austria, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and the “Chocolate land”, “Land of Vikings” and “castle Park”. This is the international Park in the world.


Port Aventura – the largest theme Park in the Mediterranean, situated between the towns of Vila-Seca and Salou. An area of approximately 117 hectares, Has a thematic (5 zones) water Park, 3 hotels and an artificial beach, more than 40 rides, about 30 thousand species of plants. Opened on may 1, 1995


Located between Rimini and Ravenna, 40 km from Rimini. Covers an area of over 750 thousand square meters and is one of the largest parks in Europe.

Republic of Korea -Park “LOTE WORLD”

Built in 1988 in the capital, Seoul. Listed in the Guinness Book of records as the world’s largest indoor Park with an area of 7 sq. m. 562

Gardaland is the amusement Park number one in Italy and one of the largest amusement parks in Europe. It is located on an area of over 500 thousand square meters and offers entertainment for children and adults: 40 rides, 40 daily views. Geographically the Park is located in the province of Verona, in the tourist area of lake Garda.

In Russia as the best Park experts often call “Divo‑Ostrov” (St. Petersburg) . Established in 2003, a year after opening, was named the best Park in Russia and the CIS and received the “Grand Prix” of all-Russian contest “Crystal wheel”. “Divo-Ostrov” has 50 rides.

March 13, 2010 in the West of Moscow in the SEC “Filion” (Bagrationovsky proezd, 5) opened the first in Russia largest indoor amusement Park “Happylon” .

Amusement Park Happylon is located on the area of 6500 sq. m. there is a modern roller skating rink with an area of 600 sq. m. and the main attraction is the attraction “Flying dragon”, which allows speeds of 48 km/h to zip over the whole territory of the Park. In Happylon is also unique for Russia, a 5D movie theatre.

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