The most unusual amusement parks in the world

But one Kinomir entertainment is not limited. In South Korea, in Suwon is a very unusual Park. In any case, in our opinion. By the same Koreans that Park does not seem strange and they are happy to bring their children here, to instil in them a culture… toilet. Yes, this Park is dedicated on how to properly relieve themselves.

Amusement Park in France, in Nantes, less shocking but no less spectacular. This Park is huge mechanical animals. Especially popular with visitors is the figure of a mechanical elephant 12 meters high, on the back of which is an observation deck, where there might be a few people. The whole structure moves and have the opportunity to stroll through the Park. All the sculptures are made based on the novels of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci.

In China there is another interesting Park. It is based on the stories of computer games Warcraft and Starcraft, which are very popular. These parks also exist in America and the UK. But the highlight of the Chinese Park that is… is a Chinese fake. The founders of the Park there are no licenses for the use of these names and brands.

In Singapore is the so-called horrorland. But You are not here to scare surreptitiously.

Throughout the Park there are more than 1 thousand exhibits and nearly 200 dioramas on the theme of Chinese mythology and philosophy of Confucianism.

In London in the new year eve near Hyde Park always opens Winter Wonderland. Here also rides, holiday performances and traditional fairs you can ride on a Ferris wheel with a height of 53 meters. This is a great opportunity to look at the whole of London.

In the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi opens the Park “Ferrari World”. As you can tell from the title, it is entirely dedicated to this car brand. By the way, this is the largest indoor Park in the world. Here is a gallery of the Ferrari, which is the largest in the world. In this Park you can ride on special themed rides. Besides, there’s a driving school for children.

And finally, we want to present a ride that is already in many parks, but from this it does not become less interesting. It is, of course, about the panic room. All have long known that it’s all a game, but still there are people who are terribly frightened. And because this attraction is now equipped with hidden cameras, we can see the reaction of visitors to what is happening there. So what is everyone so afraid? You have a unique opportunity to see it.

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