The most unusual attractions in Moscow

Being in the dark dungeons, alone with his fears, visitors await terrible traps and terrible creatures. Dark, frightening sounds, unexplained lights and the atmosphere of the maze seems familiar to Moscow you are transported into a mystical world ruled by fear. Here you can test your courage or squeal with your friends, you run into another scary surprise from the creators of the Maze of fear. In any case, intense emotions are guaranteed! Maze of fear is in the Museum of Erotic Art (entrance from 18 years).

The Ames room is a room designed in a certain way, in order to cause an optical illusion. Created by the ophthalmologist and psychologist Adelbert Ames in 1946, according to the original idea of Helmholtz.The room is perceived as a normal rectangular, although in reality it is not. The far wall is at an acute angle to one wall and, accordingly, at an obtuse angle to the other. Thanks to the false perspective created by including patterns on the walls and the floor (in this case black – and-white cells), the observer perceives this room is rectangular. The result is an optical illusion, a person standing in the middle (to the observer) corner of this room, looks like a giant, and located in the far corner – a dwarf. When moving a person from one corner to another, the feeling that it increases in size or decreases.

Way to experience true weightlessness without going beyond the atmosphere, only one flight on Il-76. The plane slowly rises to a height of 6 thousand meters, then almost vertically goes up to 9 thousand m, Then the pilots shut off the engines and passengers by 24 seconds “hang in the air.” For one flight condition of weightlessness is repeated up to ten times. For the less brave offers simple sightseeing tours in the Star. There you can get inside layout of the Mir station, to go to the space Museum and lunch as eating in orbit.

4. Mirror maze

Persons under 18 years of age and those who are afraid of their own shadows – the entrance is strictly prohibited! Mirror maze is not just the opportunity to wander SREI beautifully illuminated mirrors and get lost in space and time. Here all visitors will be provided with a dose of adrenaline. Even if you are not afraid of darkness and sharp sounds, do not believe in mysticism and have excellent coordination, – still the thrill you provided. Constantly flashing light and disorientation in space any knocks out of the rut at least for a while. So it is good idea to go with the whole company, of course, if you are 18 years of age.

5. Flight Simulator Boeing

Simulator “Boeing-737” on a movable platform reproduces the controls of the plane, passing all the sensations felt by the pilot, driving a real plane. Take off, maneuvering, landing, flight in turbulence — realism of sensations incomparable with computer simulation. It is possible to model unusual situations — failure of any of the aircraft systems.

6. Soviet slot machines 15 kopecks.

The Museum works like a time machine. It brings visitors back to a happy childhood. The time in which was so interesting: favorite cartoon characters and characters of the magazine “Murzilka”, Olympic bear and ice cream “gourmand”. In addition to a large collection of Soviet machines and opportunities to drink the lemonade, the Museum has examples of Soviet advertising products: booklets to the machines in a futuristic manner, promising to “feels in real life.”

In the Museum “Cabinet of curiosities” in Moscow it is possible to see wax figures of people-mutants. Extra limbs, heads, eyes – nature has endowed them with something special. But the joy of such a gift was no, and for some it proved fatal. All the stories told here are real. These people really lived in the past. What was their fate?

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