The Rainbow Magicland

Park Rainbow Magicland near Rome – the first major amusement Park in southern Italy. The Rainbow Magicland theme Park reminiscent of the famous Disneyland Paris – it also has its main topic (this is Winx – a young sorceress who study in alfea school, they filmed the cartoon is a play on the creators of the Park in every detail, according to their idea the color (rainbow) magic needs to completely surround the visitors of the Park. Although as the owner of the Park why it is not chosen by the young fairy, and a cunning cat Gatto Baleno, which welcomes guests. Amusement Park Rainbow Magicland covers an area of 600,000 square meters, there are 35 rides. Attractions for the whole family:

The Castle Of Alfea . join the study of magic in school Winx together with Stella, Flora, Aisha and other young witches.

Planetarium . where before your eyes opens all the mysteries of heaven.

Huntic . interactive attraction in the style of Dark Ride and 4D technology – an unusual journey between the real and fictional worlds, surrounded by stunning landscapes and require direct participation of visitors.

Believix . fly with the Winx on a ship from magical leaf to explore the mysterious forests where there are still mythical creatures.

Bomborun. cool rollercoaster by monsters monsters.

“The flying Dutchman” . defy gravity – to fly on the ship!

Yucatan . Evaluate your adventurism – pass the rapids and waterfalls of the Amazon, and countless traps the titans in the middle of the jungle.

Drakkar . Adventures on the raft, floating in the cold Norway down to the sea.

Gran Teatro . Grand theatre in the understanding of the small witches.

House Houdini surprise, desorientiert you will be deprived of the gift of speech, will give a unique experience…

La Bahia . Water show and acrobatics on the water.

If you do not have enough adrenaline for family attractions, welcome to the coolest ones: Shock – the Steam Machine . Roller coaster with acceleration from 0 to almost 100 km / h in 3 seconds, the loop height of 35 meters! Mystika . The ride height of 70 meters, allowing you to really feel what the force of gravity. Cagliostro – the way to 430 meters at a speed of 70 km/h, all slopes, lifts and rotating elements. All this in total darkness with unexpected effects. But Rainbow Magicland – it’s not just adrenaline. There are a lot of entertainment for kids.

Children’s rides . Carousel, colorful train Pixie, swirling the Cup in the form of flowers, a children’s Ferris wheel, Ronnie – funny spider elves rolling in the boat of guests, the vertical tower PopTower, carousel Poppalla with balloons above the baskets, PopRace – carousel-racing, ElForest – the forest where elves ride on toy cars. The village Pixieville with bright, similar to gingerbread houses, located in the Park, will be guests.

Restaurants, cafes and other establishments will help you to relax between adventures in the land of magic.

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