Theme parks Europe

Rides for younger children

“Pirate coast” (land of adventure, Disneyland). Playground with areas for children 3-6 years and 7-9 years. Maximum height 1.4 m

“Autopia” (Country Discoveries, Disneyland) Racing machines, the maximum height of 1.32 m

Attractions for older children

“Pirates of the Caribbean” (Adventures, Disneyland).

“The haunted house” (Border country, Disneyland).

“Honey, I shrunk the audience” (Country discoveries, Disneyland).

“Snow white and the seven dwarfs” (the land of fantasy, Disneyland).

“The journey of Pinocchio” (the land of fantasy, Disneyland).

“Motor Action! Stunt show” (Backlot Park Disney Studios)

“Kinomagiya” (set, Disney Park Studio)

Attractions for adults

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fear” (Adventures, Disneyland) roller coaster with a loop, minimum height: 1.02 m

“Big Thunder mountain” (Border country, Disneyland) roller coaster, minimum height: 1.02 m

“Space mountain: Mission 2” (Country Discoveries, Disneyland) Very impressive roller coaster, with a pressure drop, minimum height of 1.32 m

“Rock-and-roll roller coaster to the music of Aerosmith” (Backlot Park Disney Studio) Minimum height: 1.20 m

“The tower of terror in the Twilight zone” (Cyanocrylate Park Disney Studio) Minimum height: 1.02 m

“Gorki turtles Crash” (Studio animation, Disney Park Studio) Minimum height: 1.07 m

The performances take place every day.

On the main Avenue parade of stars Disney and holiday fireworks. In the various thematic areas — musicals and shows featuring animated characters.

For adults — from 64€,

For children — from 58€

Children up to 3 years — free of charge.

The Park has season tickets. Their cost depends on the number of parks that the visitor wants to see (one or two) and time steps (passes 1 and more days). The price includes admission to all attractions on site.

From Paris: by car take the A4, following the signs to “Parc Disney/Bailly-Romainvilliers”. Car Parking is free.

Commuter train RER (35 minutes) to the station Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy”

From the Airports: Shuttle bus VEA from the airports of Roissy/Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports (about an hour)

A theme Park dedicated to the heroes stories of the brave Halle. The Park comprises six thematic areas: “Egypt”, “Gallium”, “Greece”, “Rome”, “Vikings” and “time Travel”. Also on-site gift shops, cafes and hotels. The Park is open only in warm season — from April to September.

The PARK has an AREA of 18 hectares

All the complex 32 rides, including 10 roller coasters and 6 water slides. In the Park there are restrictions on growth.

The complex includes over 20 attractions for the whole family (including small children) and 10 attractions for fans of extreme sports.

Attractions for the whole family (including younger visitors)

Theme parks Europe
Rides for younger children "Pirate coast" (land of adventure, Disneyland). Playground with areas for children 3-6 years and 7-9 years. Maximum height 1.4 m "Autopia" (Country Discoveries, Disneyland) Racing machines,…

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