Theme parks Japan

Taking part in this tour, You will be able to see how diverse and interesting culture and nature in Japan – a seemingly small country. You fully oustide trendiness of the rhythm of life in a city of world importance as Tokyo, and at the same time, will be fascinated by Japanese gardens and parks, small shops in the narrow streets, and many other common phenomena of this amazing country. Modern Japan is open to You and during the trip on the bullet train Shinkansen. You will visit the second largest city in Japan – Osaka, with themed entertainment complex UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN, and aquarium – Kaiyukan. This tour will be interesting to all without exception, both children and adults. If you wish, you can order additional excursions and wander through the ancient streets of the ancient capitals of Kyoto, where traditional Japan will surprise You with its measured over time in a Buddhist and Shinto temples, or in Nara to feed the deer with in the Park on the territory of one of the great and ancient Japan’s temples – tōdai-JI.


Tokyo: hotel – transfer to Osaka (Shinkansen) – Osaka Castle – Kaiyukan hotel

Meeting with Russian speaking guide. (In the hotel You will be able to use the postal service to send your Luggage to the hotel in Osaka) to Tokyo station, boarding a bullet train the Shinkansen. Arriving at the station (Osaka) You will be greeted by an English speaking guide. (If You carry is the baggage in that case transfer to hotel where I leave my stuff)

You will walk in the Park of Osaka castle, the castle was built in the late 16th century. The building rises on top of a stone embankment designed to protect from attacks. Inside the castle You are familiar with his history, and can see the samurai armor.

Lunch (self-pay)

After contact with the historical past, You will move to the modern Japan by visiting one of the world’s largest aquariums – Kaiyukan. Conditions of placement of marine animals and fish aquarium as close as possible to natural conditions. Very near You will sail marine inhabitants of tropical areas. You will also be able to touch some of them.

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