World theme parks for adults and children

The world of amusement parks it is impossible to imagine without the famous disney characters, however, it is not limited to the brainchild of Walt Disney. Among world theme parks can highlight Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in France, Japan and California, the Europa-Park in Germany, Legoland in Denmark and many other, which is annually visited by so many people that they do not have enough of one metropolis. Adults and children once one of them fall into the tale, remember that miracles can happen, and believe in magic. Let’s talk about a few parks and see what awaits us there.

Disney World in Florida

The Park opened on October 1 1971, is the most popular and biggest entertainment Park in the world. It is divided into four themed zones, there are two water parks. On-site Walt Disney is all for the best vacation and a comfortable stay of visitors – themed hotels, and numerous places of entertainment, shops, cafes and restaurants.

The home of all the Disney is the first area of Magic Kingdom, the symbol of which is an incredibly beautiful Cinderella castle.

The second area of Epcot is a theme Park that displays the history of chelovecheskuyu and represents the achievements of scientific-technical progress. Breathtaking attraction Spaceship Earth is the symbol of Epcot.

Opened almost 25 years ago themed area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios can transfer your visitors on the set of a famous Hollywood movie 30-40 years. Cap Mickey the wizard, installed in 2001 during the celebration of “100 years of Magic” — the symbol of this zone, amusement Park.

On the vast territory of Disney’s Animal Kingdom you can see more than 300 species of mammals, birds and amphibians from all continents of the Earth. The tree of Life, with a height of over 44 meters, is the symbol of this part of the Park.

Disneyland Paris

In Disneyland Paris you can visit two theme parks Disneyland Park Walt Disney Studios Park and Disney Village. Disneyland Park includes parks “adventure Country”, “Border country”, “Main road of the United States”, “Country discoveries” and “Country fantasies”, which are located around the castle of Sleeping beauty.

In Disneyland Paris there are business and residential quarters, hotels and shopping centers and even your own station.

Disney Village runs longer than any other part of Disneyland, you can visit the many shops and restaurants, cinemas and night clubs.

Legoland in Denmark

This is the first and largest Legoland in the world, built in the homeland of LEGO in the town of Billund, which attracts annually more than a million tourists from various countries. It is built of 45 million cubes of the legendary designer, who loves not only children but also adults.

Park with ships, buildings, cars, the jungle, which are made from LEGO elements, divided into 8 thematic zones, each of which is for children of a certain age. A visit to Legoland would cause indescribable delight of children and lots of positive emotions from their parents. In the Park there is a hotel, numerous restaurants and cafes, as well as the world’s largest LEGO store.

Port Aventura in Spain

This is the most visited theme Park in Spain located on the Gold coast not far from Barcelona. In it you will be able to stay in one of four hotels, to visit more than 40 exciting rides, a water Park, the Aquatica, a beach club, Golf. You can even make an incredible tour of the Mediterranean, Wild West, Mexico, China, Polynesia and children’s country sesame, if you visit all 6 areas of the theme Park! Throughout the day in the Park is about 90 interesting a colorful show. One of the most thrilling rides of the Park — Furius Baco — we have already written.

How Par Villa in Singapore

The Park Tiger Balm theme Park built by the Howe brothers and Vapor in 1937. More than a thousand statues created them as visual AIDS, introduced residents and visitors of Singapore with Chinese traditions, legends and teachings of Confucius. And today is a real Chinese Disneyland, only… it consists of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. That is not quite suitable for entertainment. The most impressive galleries of this unusual theme Park is “10 circles of hell”. The Park looks eerie and it is not very clear whether to go with the children.

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The description of the hotel. The hotel is located in the large amusement Park is styled on Mediterranean fishing village. Luxuriously decorated area with swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a la…

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